We make a bag by using secondhand Obi or Kimono, which are traditional cloth in history of Japan. From Japan to all over the world, worldwide shopping site! All of our materials are Authentic Used / Vintage Kimono and Obi, located in Osaka Japan.

About our bag sewing company

Our bags are sewn by a sewing company with a 60-year history in Japan.
Each item is carefully made by experienced craftsmen.
Originally, obi was tailored by hand sewing.
It is not easy to produce something other than an obi while preserving the obi fabric.
However, the craftsmen who cooperated with us brought the kimono obi back to life as bags using techniques cultivated through their long years of experience.

There are various processes involved in bag production, all of which require skill, experience, and time.
The craftsmen carefully craft the bags without cutting corners.
Bags made by such excellent craftsmen will not only look beautiful, but will also contribute greatly to your fashion sense as a sophisticated item that you will cherish for a long time.