We make a bag by using secondhand Obi or Kimono, which are traditional cloth in history of Japan. From Japan to all over the world, worldwide shopping site! All of our materials are Authentic Used / Vintage Kimono and Obi, located in Osaka Japan.

【K4942-BLKG-L12A】Backpack made of Japanese traditional OBI [K4942-BLKG-L12A]

【K4942-BLKG-L12A】Backpack made of Japanese traditional OBI [K4942-BLKG-L12A]

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【K4942-BLKG-L12A】Backpack made of Japanese traditional OBI

Item no. K4942-BLKG-L12A
Item name : Backpack made of Japanese traditional OBI
Outer : Obi fabric/Silk, Nylon
Inner : Rayon
Handle : Nylon
Others : There are some pokets inside.
Obi pattern : Chrysanthemum, cloud, zig-zag
Country of origin : Made in Japan

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Many of the used kimonos and obis that we use for materials are more than 30 years old and do not have a quality label tag attached, so it is difficult to determine the materials used.
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Measurements(without handles) Width at top 33 cm (at bottom 28 cm) / Depth 14 cm / Height 36 cm

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